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Your best go to resource for getting instant Cash for Gold VA, silver, valuables, jewelry and branded watches in Manassas, VA!

Welcome to Cash for Gold VA, a premium gold, silver, jewelry, and collectible buying service based in Manassas, VA. We give you the best prices for your items and offer instant cash, making us the most accessible, convenient, and reliable gold buying shop in the region.

At Cash for Gold VA, we have been in the gold and silver buying and jewelry buying industry for years. We are a team of gold buying experts who are able to give you the best service as well as the best price for your gold! Our prices, coupled with our exceptional customer service, make getting Cash for Gold VA a positive and beneficial experience!sell scrap gold

Often times, you want instant cash and one of the best solutions to get it is by selling things like gold, silver, jewelry, and other valuable possessions. All these items have high value prices that ensure you get good cash instantly. Regardless of why you need to cash or if you simply want to trade in your valuables for cash, we guarantee you will receive the best value and price for your items.

Why Choose Us

Best Value: We keep up with the market rates and have a lot of knowledge about gold prices, silver prices, jewelry prices, and branded watch prices. This helps us provide the best value to our valued customers – we give you honest details about the value of your item and its current price and if you agree, we trade it for cash instantly.

Accept Many Items: We accept gold items but there are also many other items you can trade for cash! Some of the items we accept include different precious metals like silver and platinum, coins (collectibles, silver, gold, etc.), jewelry (gold, silver, and designer jewelry), any type of diamonds, antique watches and branded watches like Rolex, Tag Heuer, Cartier, etc. and even accept almost new or good as new electronic items.

cash_for_gold_we_buy_watches1Instant Cash: Many of our counterparts in the industry stretch the process by not providing instant cash solutions. We don’t do this – we believe in timely and fast Cash for Gold VA services, which is why the moment you give us your gold or valuables, we give you cash in return right then and there.

Professional yet Simple Service: At Cash for Gold VA, we are professionals and experienced in gold buying for cash. We ensure the service you receive with us is fully professional but also simple, convenient, and straightforward, with no gimmicks or hassles whatsoever. You simply come in, consult us regarding the gold or valuable items you wish to trade for cash, and seal the deal, getting instant cash.

Company Values:  At Cash for Gold VA, we are based on company values that ensure your satisfaction and help us earn your trust! Our foremost value is integrity, reflecting our honest service, whereas our company values include discipline and timely work, authentic knowledge-based services, and reliability.

Our Commitment and Promise

cash-for-silverAt Cash for Gold VA, we are committed to your satisfaction and benefit. We want to give our customers the best price for their valuables, which is why it is our promise to be honest, reliable, and direct with our clients. We are a company based on integrity and many of our past clients commend and refer us solely for our honest work and service. You can trust us to always provide the best solutions and right prices for your gold and other valuables – if we feel as if we cannot accommodate your best interests, we will even tell you so directly so you can make the decision yourself.

Have anything to sell? Bring in our valuables and gold and get instant cash at Cash for Gold VA today! For any questions, concerns, or assistance, contact us – we’d be happy to help.

We do our homework to get you the highest payout. Bring in your diamonds, gold jewelry, watches, and silver. From buying gold, selling gold, buying silver, selling silver, jewelry appraisals, gold testing and customer service we meet every standard of expertise.   Gold Buyers we can help you with all your jewelry needs.

gold and silver pile scrap and cash dollarOur jewelry buyers go through extensive training to give you the most accurate and best prices on all over your gold valuables. We offer free appraisals with no mandatory purchase.  At ManassasVA store we are that confident that we offer the best prices around.  We are here to make the customer as satisfied as we possibly can.

How to Sell Gold?

2 Easy Steps! Bring it or mail it in, and get paid! We are in the heart of Manassas, VA and treat our customers with the most respect and professionalism in every transaction. Selling gold jewelry to our gold buyers is very simple.

All you need to bring with you is your ID and your gold silver or other  valuable. We do a quick appraisal on the items you want to sell to Cash For Gold Manassas.  That process includes an acid test, which does absolutely no damage to the gold, but it helps us determine the purity of the gold jewelry you want to sell.  We then do a quick calculation using the daily price of gold, the purity of gold jewelry you have and the weight of the gold jewelry. Based on those three things we calculate what the gold is worth and what we can pay for it. It’s that simple We buy gold bars and all other types of gold, silver and platinum bullions.

Our Location

Located In Manassas

9013 Centreville Road Manassas, VA 20110 Phone: 571.359.0146 Email: cashforgoldva.com

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gold and silver pile scrap and cash dollarCash for Gold VA is the best place to sell your gold, watches, diamonds, silver, coins and platinum