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If you are willing to sell your gold to a reputable and reliable dealer. We at Cash For Gold VA have the right platform for selling gold at ease. Among our team, includes highly experienced analysts that are equipped to assess the worth of your gold right before you. After an appraisal, you can be rest assured that you will get the best rate and at the same time receive cash for gold if you agree to sell to our team.
In order to keep you abreast of the latest information, our cheerful professionals will guide you through every relevant detail about your gold jewelry to set you up as you sell gold successfully with a smile on your face even as you leave with cash in your pocket. Among gold buyers around Virginia, Marland and Washington DC area, Cash For Gold VA stands out for its high-quality service provision.

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Compare Gold Karats  – Which Karat is Better?

Pure Gold (or Gold Fineness) is 24K Gold. That’s 99.9% Pure Gold with nothing mixed with it. However Pure Gold is too soft to be used for Jewelry. Alloys must be mixed in with the Gold in order to make it durable enough for everyday use. If Gold isn’t strong, it won’t be secure enough to hold in your Gemstones or Diamonds.

The most common Gold used in Jewelry in the USA is 14K Gold. In 14K Gold, 58.5% is Gold.

10K is roughly 41.7% Gold and You will see the mark as 10KT or .417 inside your Rings or Jewelry.


10K GOLD 42%
14K GOLD 59%
18K GOLD 75%
24K GOLD 100%

Gold Buyers You Can Depend On

In order for you to maximize your cash payout, it is highly important that you work with a reliable gold buyer.
Gold jewelry, gold coins, scrap gold and much more are currently running for high prices due to the recession in the current economy and there are several avenues that you can sell gold jewelry; but there are only a few places where it can be sold for more profit.
At Cash For Gold VA, Gold is usually bought based on its worth, which is what the market supports. There could be many gold buyers out there, but it pays to sell gold for cash to us with confidence after the evaluation of your gold by our certified professionals.

Why You Should Sell Gold to Cash For Gold VA?

You could be wondering “Why should I sell my gold to Cash For Gold VA’? And what separates them from the others that should make me sell my gold to them?
We are all aware that there are massive campaigns and advertisement on “we buy gold” with a clear message out there, but the shocking thing is that only a few of them buy at a fair rate. In order not to be short-changed, It pays to carry out a thorough research on your gold buyers before selling to them.

While conducting your research, be sure to check the following out:

1. Where would they carry out the test on your gold? Cash For Gold VA will conduct the test right before your eyes so that you can see what goes on.
2. Are the scales in good condition? Cash For Gold scales are true-to-form and also certified by the Virginia State. Our experts can also test them in front of you for accuracy.
3. Are they a credible institution? Cash For Gold is a 2nd generation family of jewelers business owner who are community locals and also charitable.
4. Are they a reputable company? When it comes to Cash For Gold, reputation comes before sales; we take up our family business history dearly and would never compromise on it because we are highly- regarded in our community. Be free to check us out and ask about anything.
When next you are confronted with whom should I sell my gold to? you can come over to Cash For Gold VA and we will be glad to give you cash for gold in Northern Virginia.

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Selling Gold Jewelry to Us

At Cash for Gold , we have been in the gold and silver buying and jewelry buying industry for years. We are a team of gold buying experts who are able to give you the best service as well as the best price for your gold! Our prices, coupled with our exceptional customer service, make getting Cash for Gold a positive and beneficial experience! We give you the best prices for your items and offer instant cash, making us the most accessible, convenient, and reliable gold buying shop in the region.

Our Commitment and Promise

At Cash for Gold, we are committed to your satisfaction and benefit. We want to give our customers the best price for their valuables, which is why it is our promise to be honest, reliable, and direct with our clients. We are a company based on integrity and many of our past clients commend and refer us solely for our honest work and service. You can trust us to always provide the best solutions and right prices for your gold and other valuables – if we feel as if we cannot accommodate your best interests, we will even tell you so directly so you can make the decision yourself. Call us today @ (571) 359-0146 ! or stop by our local Manassas Va location.