Sell Diamond

sell-diamond-jewelry-Chantilly-VANo one will tell you this – your diamond is worth more than you think. Yes, we mean it, because we buy diamond at a competitive price. At Cash for Gold, we use a standard Virginia State approved calibrated scales to check your diamond right before your eyes. This way, you can see the real worth besides what our certified jewelers have to tell you about it. So if you want to sell your diamonds, Cash for Gold VA is your best choice. We buy diamonds at a price that brings nothing but satisfaction to you.

D $7650 $4815 $3100 $625
E $6615 $4275 $2700 $600
F $5400 $3870 $2600 $580
G $4725 $3555 $2500 $575
H $3915 $3240 $2400 $550
I $3330 $2880 $2250 $500