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Sell Gold Watches

Many people have old watches rattling around in a drawer somewhere. Some may work, and some may not. However, if you have a gold watch even if it is not working, you can sell it for extra cash.  Of course, you will want to make sure you get a good price for it. Just because it is gathering in your drawer doesn’t mean you should not get the most cash for it as you can.

There is no dearth to the number of buyers. You will always see ads online and offline exhorting you to sell gold watches. It will not do to sell gold watches to the first buyer that comes along, however. Most jewelers and pawnbrokers will try to buy it for the lowest price possible because it is a business for profit. You need to understand how much your watch (or pocket watch for that matter) is worth by doing your research. If you have a Rolex or Tissot, for example, it will be worth more for more than the melt price of the gold. Here are some pointers for selling your gold watch.

Get several quotes for your watch

Local jewelers and pawnshops will appraise your watch and offer you a price. You will not get top price, but it will give you a base price for when you try to sell it to a private buyer. You will also get more details about your watch to help you find how much it is selling for on eBay or other auction sites.

Put it up for sale

Try posting it on eBay or other auction sites and give it a ripping good description to make it more appealing to buyers. It would be better if you clean it up a bit and include the original box and documents if you have them. You can choose to give it a fixed price (double the highest buying price you get from watch buyers) or use the bid option and see what happens. You can always put a reserve price to make sure no one gets it at a price you can’t live with. It would be great if your ad catches the eye of a collector, and your watch is the right brand. However, note that this path could take more time, and you may not get the price you want.

Check out online buyers

Some online buyers specialize in old gold watches of the right brand, and they can make it easy for you. Just make sure you choose a reputable one by checking online reviews. They will send you a post paid envelope withinsurance in your name, and return your watch shipment paid if you do not like the offer. Before sending it off, take a photo showing the serial number to make sure you get the same one back. If you are selling a gold Rolex, the company maintains a database of all its watches, so it would be easy enough to prove ownership if you take a photo of the serial number. If you are using a PayPal account, make sure it is not linked to an account with a lot of money in it.

Sell it for the gold

Some watch brands are not valuable in itself, but you can still sell it for the gold. Note that the melt price will not be anywhere near the retail price of a brand new version of your watch. However, if there is no market for the watch itself, it is better than not getting anything for it.

Factors affecting the price

Many jewelers and pawnshops are ready to pay cash for a a good brand watch at any time. This applies to gold pocket watches as well, although you have to be very careful as most old pocket watches are collectors’ items. Make sure you know what your watch is worth before you do anything else.

You can get a better price if you have a watch with all its original parts. You can still sell it for a good price if you have had some part replaced with genuine replacement parts. If you want to keep the value of your watch, always bring it for repairs to an authorized service center, and make sure they use authentic parts.

You should also make a point of keeping the original box and ownership papers as much as possible. Many high-end watches are counterfeited frequently, so it is easier to sell if you have the provenance to prove it is a real one. A jeweler or expert watch buyer can still authenticate your watch, but you have more options if you have documentation. You can sell it to a private buyer, for instance.

It is not a good idea to refurbish the dial or do anything to restore your gold watch before selling it, especially if it is a vintage. Collectors prefer items that are in its original condition, even if it is a little the worse for wear. That said, you should make every effort to keep your Rolex in good condition, as the condition affect the selling value.

You can still sell a high-end gold watch or pocket watch with all its original parts even if it is not working, and not much less than one in working condition. Buyers know they can have an intact watch repaired at a reasonable price. That said, do not expect to sell your watch at close what you paid for it unless it is a really old or rare model. You can expect a good price, but probably not anything what you paid for it when it was brand new. It may be as much as 50% less than the retail price. On the other hand, you may be able to sell a rare or vintage watch for a few times more than what you paid.  It is important to ask a few experts for a quote to get an idea of a fair price.